Control Cable

Coaxial Cables

Control cable is used for transmission of information on the state, location, or operating conditions of objects being controlled; it is used where direct access to such objects is difficult or impossible. They are widely used to connect electric instruments and apparatus, for secondary switching of remote-control starters, access control and regulators, for protective relaying, and in audio applications.

Speaker cable comes in a huge array of gauges, conductor count and jacket colors. From the residential home theater, commercial convention centers and churches to high-rise intercom systems, Commodity Cables will handle all your applications.

Security cable is widely used in both residential and commercial markets. From the window relays, motion detectors and digital security cameras, Commodity Cables stocks the cable you need. Siamese cable for pan and tilt security cameras, precision video cables for monitoring and high resolution coax cable for even the most advanced systems are available for every conceivable design.